Sisterhood Goddess Journey

Welcome to Grow with Flow Sisterhood Goddess Journey

A 6-week online journey with yourself and other sisters to reignite your inner Goddess!

Starting May 26, 2021

Are you in need of…..

  • A feminine space?
  • Connection with other sisters?
  • To feel held in a safe space?
  • Reminders of your beauty?
  • Support on making those feel good choices?
  • Someone to hold you accountable.
  • Getting clear on your purpose, your goals & dreams?
  • More self-love?

Sometimes it’s HARD to make those FEEL GOOD choices, to see WHY we’re here on this journey, to UNDERSTAND our purpose.

And that’s OK to admit!

Sisterhood Goddess Journey is here to see YOU!

What this journey looks like….

✶ A 6-week journey of online topic based sister circles ✶
✶ Tools to get clear on your purpose, goals & dreams ✶
✶ Weekly self-love meditations and practices ✶
✶ Accountability for your feel good actions ✶
✶ Weekly journal prompts and reflections ✶
✶ A closed Facebook group for the sisters ✶
✶ Weekly guided meditations ✶
✶ Individual support ✶
✶ Weekly check-ins ✶

Want a free sample?? Scroll down to find your free gift.

When will this journey begin?

The next 6-week journey will begin May 26th, 3pm Thailand time (GMT+7)
For some in the US this will be your Tuesday evening.

The journey will go for 6 weeks where we will meet at the same time each week.

This journey so far is catered to meet the time zones of parts of the US, Asia, and Australia. IF you are in Europe and would really like to be a part, please send me a message so that we can discuss possible options.

Financial Commitment:

$150 USD

$150 for 6 weeks = $25 a week only!

How much do you value your you time, your self love, yourself?

So how does this sound Sister?
Are you ready to light the flame to your inner Goddess?


When will this journey begin and end?
This is a never ending journey with the continuous open space of the Facebook group. However the circles will begin on May 26th, and we will have a closing ceremony June 30th.

What if I can’t attend a circle one week?
I encourage that you do your best to attend each circle, however if for some reason you can’t attend one week then all the circles will be recorded and so you can watch back the recording when you can.

What if I’m feeling too overwhelmed to join the circle?
No sister is expected to speak or share at anytime, it is completely up to you how comfortable you feel to how much to share. This is a safe space with no judgments.

What if I can’t afford it but would really like to participate?
Please send me an email with any concerns or restrictions that you may have, money is not the only energy exchange in this world ❤

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Let’s unite as sisters, as women, as Goddess’ and shine the divine light that we share!

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