My Story

This is me…

A feminine soul. One grounded in nature. A healer to myself and then others. A sister, a daughter, a mother, a friend. A space holder. A plant eating lover. A passionate dancer. One who takes adventures. Someone who likes to laugh and experience life. A light that is on and who sees you.

The big leap

Have you ever had that feeling that you aren’t where you’re supposed to be? Your time where you are has served its purpose and it’s time to move on? When I look back at my life I see this moment happen so many times. I didn’t realise at the time how simple it was for me to act on it, and how powerful it was that I was able to simply do it. One of these moments was after finishing my studies. I packed a backpack and followed my rhythm of the Universe and travelled around SouthEast Asia. My eyes were opened to different ways of living, a freer way of being, a life where you could choose to live outside of the norm that I’d been taught was the way that we should live.

Finding my centre

It took me a good few years of my new life of freedom in Asia before I finally started to understand myself. Each year gave me new adventures, new insights, and new teachings. I started to truly appreciate my connection to Gaia, and understand the way she breaths. I was guided by the Universe and pushed through lessons that took me to the next phase of life. I felt like I was upgrading through levels quicker than I could truly understand. The moments that I stopped were the pause points in life for me to appreciate these moments, this body, this life.

Connecting to my flow

The next few years my life naturally started to click into what felt like the right places. I continue to learn and grow every day, but I now feel as if I’m seeing and understanding a lot quicker than before.

My connection to the flow of life has taken me into a grounded space of trust. My connection to Flow, a magical little human who chose this earth as his home, this community as his own, and me as his mother has given me exponential growth in such a short time.

Through my own experiences and through others I feel this calling to share our experiences and hold space for one and other, creating a platform of harmony and of accountability to be the beings that we truly are in our hearts.

That’s when I began to feel my power in connection with others.

And so, this is me, in a little tiny nutshell. I would love to connect with you and see how our journeys align, our energies vibrate, and stories intertwine.

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