This is me

This is me.

This is what I stand for…

°Acceptance: I believe that everything happens for a reason, that the Universe only gives me what I am ready for, and that all is well.

°Authenticity: I stay true to the words that I speak, always coming from a place of compassion.

°Compassion: I choose to see others as their best selves.

°Connection: I feel my breath, my self, source, Mother Earth, and others around me.

°Community: I see that we are all here doing it together, we are never alone.

°Freedom: I choose environments that serve my energy.

°Harmony: I live a life with conscious choices that feel good.

°Learning: I take each experience, connection, and interaction as an opportunity to grow.

°Love: I see through the lens of my heart. I choose to mirror others from the same space.

°Openness: I keep an open mind, energy and heart.

°Patience: I embrace the calm by seeing the bigger picture.

°Presence: I stay connected to my breath. I choose what feels good in the moment.

I create my own freedom.

This is my honour code. I wrote this so that I can be reminded of the person that I am when I am connected to my heart, my soul, and my higher self.

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